About ME

ME Makelaars

Meeuwisse Elsenburg Makelaars is an office with enthusiastic and committed people with a great passion for everything that has to do with real estate and where the specific wishes of the client are always central.

ME Makelaars stands for personal guidance and advice with the purchase and sale of your home or business space.

ME Makelaars specializes in the purchase and sale of private real estate, such as apartments, single-family homes, townhouses, villas and so on.
We also know our way around in commercial real estate.

Housing brokerage

ME Makelaars is a specialist in the field of purchase guidance, sales guidance and valuations in Amsterdam and the surrounding area. We are proud to be one of the best-selling real estate agents in Amsterdam e.o. to be.
ME Makelaars always serves its clients in a professional manner with a lot of passion, enthusiasm and expertise.

Commercial real estate

ME Makelaars is also a knowledgeable and well-informed partner for professional clients and investors, such as project developers. We constantly keep our finger on the pulse of the commercial real estate market, are well-informed about the latest laws and regulations and all legal and tax aspects.
ME Makelaars is happy to share this knowledge with you.


Would you like to buy or sell a property at the First Amsterdam Real Estate Auction?
ME real estate has a lot of experience in this field and would also love to assist you.


An appraisal is an exact determination of the value of your home and there are various reasons for which you might need an appraisal report, such as:

  • Financing of your new home
  • About closing the current mortgage
  • Heritage / legacy
  • tax
  • Division of assets

As an office we are affiliated with the NVM (Dutch Association of Real Estate Agents) and the MVA (Real Estate Agents Association of Amsterdam). And ME Makelaars is also affiliated with Vastgoedcert and the NWWI (Dutch Housing Value Institute).